Software Features

Our software does a lot. Here is a comprehensive list of features.


Dashboard See exactly what is happening and what needs to be done at your property today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the week.

Click & Drag Calendar Enjoy a visual, drag-and-drop calendar of all of your rooms and reservations. Manage your property right from the calendar.

Room/Bed Assignments Assign and unassign reservations on-the-fly to maximize occupancy calendar.

Reservations Manager with Import & Export Quickly find and organize all of your reservations. Export and import reservations.

Personalized Taxes, Fees & Policies Set up taxes, fees, and policies exactly how you need them-per room, per item, or in whatever combination suits your business.

Reservation Sources Keep track of where your reservations came from, whether from OTAs like and Expedia, from your online booking engine, or from walk-in customers.

Full Reports Suite Generate, print, download, and share production, daily, and financial reports-plus more..

Custom Fields Create custom fields that appear inside your PMS, booking engine, or registration card. These can include passport numbers, birth dates, and so on.

Additional Items Create additional items that you would like to sell. These can include sodas, beer, and tours.

Financial Back-end These allow you to see fiscal revenues and transactions from every reservation, and organize them by source.

House Accounts Post transactions to accounts that do not have a reservation. Examples include groups and administrative accounts.

Cash Drawer Keep track of cash that comes in and goes out in each shift.

Pekhom API With our secure and flexible API, you can connect myfrontdesk to third-party systems and reporting tools.

Housekeeping See the status of each room—clean or dirty, vacant or occupied—and assign housekeepers to rooms as necessary.

Activity Logs See who changed, canceled, created, moved, or adjusted a reservation.

Previous Guest Recognition Quickly pull previous guest data in order to quickly create a new reservation.

Registration Cards Automatically prepare a registration card for an easy and quick check in.

Multi-user Roles Create multiple users with different permissions. Give administrative access only to the right employees.

Guest Status Review the status of upcoming, current, and previous guests. Learn when they will check out, what their room charges are, any special requests they have made, and more.

Invoicing Generate and download PDF invoices. Set up invoices for your property’s unique needs.

Custom Payment Options Choose which payment options you wish to accept.

Export to Excel Export your availability matrix to Excel, for use in other applications.

Email Automation Enhance the guest experience with automated emails.


Auto Room Mapping Automatically map your inventory from your PMS to your booking engine, OTAs, and other online marketplaces where you currently list inventory, saving you a lot of work.

Unlimited Channel Connections List your inventory on any or all of our connected OTAs and other online marketplaces.

Central Pool of Inventory OTAs and other marketplaces will sell rooms from one central pool of inventory. When a room is booked on any marketplace, myallocator updates all others to remove the sold room from their available inventory. This reduces your overbookings.

Reservation Delivery Deliver reservations made from 3rd-party marketplaces, including OTAs like Expedia and, right to your property management system.

Channel Specific Pricing Set different pricing for each channel. Quickly and easily update pricing per channel.

Credit Card Retrieval Retrieve credit card information for processing.

Currency Conversion .


Dedicated Booking Engine Install mybookings on your website to take commission-free, direct reservations.

Facebook Engine Install mybookings on your Facebook page to take commission-free, direct reservations on the world’s most popular social network.

Promotional Rate Plans Block out dates on your calendar to make rooms unavailable on your booking engine for the desired time-span.

Payment Gateway Integration Integrate with the world’s most popular payment gateways.

Promotion Codes Create promotions with unique promotion codes, and accept codes on your booking engine.

Custom Email Templates Create beautiful customized emails that your booking engine generates and sends for each reservation booked

Multiple Languages Translate your booking engine into many different languages.

Currency Converter Create a rate, and then convert it into a desired currency for visitors who use it.

Custom Branding Make your booking engine match the branding of your website. Enjoy full support for custom logos, colors, fonts, and CSS.

Google Analytics Tracking Integrate your booking engine with Google Analytics to track and generate reports on every transaction that passes through your booking engine.

Mobile Responsive Your booking engine will work on any and all smart phones, tablets, and other smart devices. It will automatically adjust itself to the screen of your guests. Never miss a mobile booking again.

Add Ons Create add-ons that guests can add to their stay during the reservation and check-out process. These can include room upgrades, food, event tickets, and so on.

Rate Checker The rate checker checks room rates on other properties and shows them to your guest, right from the booking engine. This allows them to quickly compare rates without having to leave your booking engine.

Localization Translate descriptive text on your booking engine into your desired languages.

Discounts Create discount codes. When redeemed, your booking engine will display the discounted rate.

Payment Processing Myallocator customers can use mybookings to not only hold, but also process credit card payments.


Multiple Property Booking Engine Process bookings for all your properties from one group website.

Unified Booking Experience Connect all your properties to one booking experience. Guests can browse through all available rooms across all your properties.

Fits All Groups Mygroup fits your group today, exactly the way it is. Whether your group has 2 or 2,000 properties, no property is too small or too large.

Custom Branding Our API makes mygroup completely customizable. Customize branding to match your existing website.

Rich Media Add images, descriptions , amenities, and other packages on a per-property basis.