Founder of pekhom. His motto is " to nurture the idea that generate profit". His main focus is to automate the Bangladeshi entertaiment and hospitality industry. He established Codero Ltd. the 2nd largest online payment gateway of the country in 2011. He brought the Codero Ltd. to the 2nd position of payment solution provider market of Bangladesh as a CEO within a short span of time of its inception.

He digitalised the ticketing system of largest movie theatres in bangladesh. He served as a head of IT in Nandan group. He speaks Bengali, English, Hindi and Thai. His hobby is Traveling & New Web Innovation.

Nazmus Saaqeb Nayeem Founder & Chairman

Md. Gias Uddin started his career in Real Estate but he switched to Govt. supply soon. Gias is the pioneer of e-commerce in Bangladesh. His is the first e-commerce site in Bangladesh that has shaken the IT industry of Bangladesh in 2000.

He is the pioneer of commercial hydroponics in Bangladesh also. His Bengal Hydroponics is the first commercial hydroponics venture in Bangladesh. Gias is a Social Activist in Safe Food and environment. He had an active role in formulating the e-commerce policy of Bangladesh Govt.

Md. Gias Uddin obtained his Masters degree in Public Administration from University of Dhaka. He obtained a special training on E-business at AOTS Yokohama, sponsored by Japan Govt. in 2005. Gias uddin is a good narrator and he speaks in Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic & a little bit Japanese. He is a travel freak, hardcore IT and science enthusiast. He is the Chairman of the standing committee of e-tourism in E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-cab).He is the Managing Director & CEO of Pekhom Ltd. – a travel startup covering all span of tourism and entertainment in Bangladesh.

Md. Gias uddin Travelled Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, India & KSA.

Md. Gias Uddin CEO