Central Reservation System

crs image

Pekhom CRS is a cloud based Central Reservation System that enables a chain or individual hotel to effectively manage reservations, inventory, rates and guest information centrally. Pekhom CRS has advanced reservation capabilities such as group reservation, itinerary reservation and more.

Pekhom CRS that synchronizes online distribution channels and lets you manage all of the bookings from one place, really fast and easy. The system has features like seasonal prices, cancellations policy, meals and children rates. All of that minimizes reservation administration risks or even allows to get rid of overbookings.

Pekhom CRS key features include reservation, management of material, laundry, housekeeping and point of sale (POS). The reservation feature helps in displaying bookings with guest names, which are color-coded to denote a confirmed booking, bookings on hold, wait-listed reservations and new requests. The information regarding room bookings such as the number of rooms occupied, average room rates and group reservations are also visible from the booking screen.

The housekeeping module helps users to get information about laundry and other service requests. Financial operations are handled with an accounts receivable feature that updates new transactions from the front desk, restaurant or retail POS locations.