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Channel Manager

A Single-point Dashboard for Managing All your Distribution Channels

Regardless of the number of channels you are connected with, pekhom's online channel manager effortlessly manages all the channels and your online bookings from one place. You can take advantage of the centralized rate and inventory distribution system, as it not only helps you save valuable time but also prevents revenue loss due to uncertain errors! Additionally, the single point dashboard for distribution management helps in avoiding rate disparity and enhances hotel’s online reputation by maintaining favourable relationship with various travel sites.

Complete Integration with PMS and Booking Engine

Integrates with Property Management System (PMS) and Online Booking Engine which creates seamless connectivity. The absence of this interface can lead to overbooking issues as the listing hasn’t been updated with the latest inventory or loss of revenue as the booking is missed due to available inventory not updated online.

Minimal Overbooking

Overbooking is a disruptive issue for hotels, where more rooms of a particular room type are reserved by the guests than what is available at the property. Example, you have 1 deluxe room available at your property which is connected to 5 OTAs, a traveller books the deluxe room at your property via the travel site. However, unaware of the incoming online booking, your front desk staff reserves the room for a walk in guest. In such cases when both the bookers show up at the hotel demanding their reservations, hotels either have to heavily compensate the guests or get them accommodation of similar or higher value.

Maintain Rate Parity without Any Effort

Partnerships with online distribution channels like Expedia, Make My Trip and makes is mandatory for hotels to maintain rate parity across all channels. That means, regardless of what commission you pay to different OTAs, you need to publish the same rate for the same room across all distribution channels, even at meta search sites like TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder. pekhom’s hotel channel manager ensures that every time you make a change across the board, the system automatically updates it across all channels effortlessly leaving no room rate parity issues.

Monitor your Competition Rates with Rate Shopper Tool

Through the Rate Shopper Tool, pekhom’s online hotel channel manager offers you an opportunity to easily monitor your competitor’s inventory rates. Sourcing from various distribution sites, the competitor analysis tool draws critical real-time information of competitor’s rates, that helps you figure out the best pricing strategy for your property. Not just that, but the tool also lets you compare the performance of your competitors. As a result, you can adjust your room rates at any given time to achieve maximum profitability.

Maintain Rates and Inventories when On the Move

Even when you are on the move, pekhom’s channel manager allows you to monitor your hotel’s online sales, update inventories or even stop sale with a touch of a button with your smartphone. No matter where you are, through pekhom’s distribution management system at any given time, you can change rate and inventory right from your mobile instantly and the system will update it automatically in your hotel PMS and all the connected channels.

Designated Account Manager

pekhom provides you a dedicated account manager, who will exclusively look after your property’s channel partner needs. With his expertise, the account manager will not only guide you with implementation and training but also offer you after-sale support, helping you optimize the channel manager to the fullest and get a quick ROI.