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Property Management System
Reservation Center

Handle single or group bookings, track availability and access different views from a single dashboard in our hotel PMS system.

Front Office Operations

Simplified front office operations will free your staff from tiring tasks and let them engage with your guests.

Flexible Group Management

Our property management system will help you take and manage your group operations effortlessly.

Profile Management

The PMS system lets you create multiple guest profiles, along with maintaining the commission of various booking sources.

User Privilege & Security Control

Create different user accounts and set user privileges for them to restrict the access of important data.

Trouble Free Audit Trails

We’ve got audit trails that keep you updated with the daily transactions and happenings at your hotel.


Analytics and Reporting

The hotel software covers a wide range of reports that offer insights to all aspects of hotel operations. The range of graphical and chart reports in the online hotel management system varies from occupancy to housekeeping to channel distribution and analysis. We have it all!

Charges, Deposits and Invoicing

We know you have guests coming from around the world. So, with our PMS system you can generate invoices in multiple currencies.

Automatic and Normal Rates

Differentiating between inclusive, exclusive and exempted rates is easier than ever. Making matters easy, you can also change the rates instantly as per requirement.

Seasonal Rates

pekhom PMS software gives you complete control over your rate plans, allowing to configure various rates accordingly to changing seasonal demands.

Contract Rates

Set and manage separate contract rates exclusively for your associate partners like business sources, connected OTA

Negotiated Rates

Our flexible online hotel management system allows you to offer discounts and negotiated rates to retain and upscale booking from regular or high profile guests

Flexible Rate Rules

Adjusting the configured rate rules, the PMS system also allows you to set the rates for extra adult and extra child as well as apply discounts conforming to several rate plans.

Allocated Rates

Offering an exclusive section to your property website and OTAs, the pekhom PMS lets you define the inventory depending on the sales brought by direct bookings.

Multiple Rate Support

Our hotel software renders multiple rate plans and rate types in a single day in order to get accustomed with guests' requirements.


Owing to the taxing order defined during configuration, the system will automatically fetch the tax charges to be posted on the guest bill.